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Equal parts hedonist and old soul, I like to spend my days and nights indulging in the senses – drinking fine wines, listening to virtuosic music, and exploring all forms of sensory pleasure. When I'm not in front of the Criterion Channel taking in films by Altman and Cassavetes, you can find me at a darkly-lit cocktail bar with my nose in a John Cheever collection.

Our Journey

We gaze into each other’s eyes over glasses of Bordeaux after a day spent strolling through the Met. As we whisper to each other of the enigmatic beauty of Caravaggio’s Musicians, we find ourselves drifting deeper into the rapture of each other’s company. Time and again, we take each other to places we’ve never gone before, could never access alone. This is just the beginning.

More About Me


  • Couples

    It is always an honor to be invited to join a couple, and I welcome pairs of all genders and sexualities. Please note that both parties are required to undergo my screening protocols, and that couples sessions incur a +25% additional investment.

  • Non-discriminatory policy

    I welcome all 18+ suitors who comply with screening protocols, regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, body type, or ability.